not my fault

This blog exists because of two people: my best friend and my big, white, gay brother. One who calls from the bookstore and asks “What Should I Read?!”, and the other who seems to think that everything I say is brilliantly funny (everyone should have a person like this in their lives).
I read a lot. I work in a bookstore. I have lots of books in my apartment. But it seems that I am not reading as much as I used to. So, this year I am keeping a list…and I am sharing it with others.
I do other stuff, too. I sew, crochet, watch incredible amounts of television (maybe that’s why I’m not reading as much), worry about my weight and sleep. Maybe I will tell you guys about that stuff as well (the sleeping blogs will be riveting.)

3 thoughts on “not my fault

  1. i LOVE it. and believe it or not, at this very moment, i am in the midst of creating a blog bookmark folder so that i might do a better job of keeping up with friends’ blogs. now as for my own, thats another story… anyway, you are bookmarked and i look forward to future visits at this virtual spot. thanks.

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