Sisters of the Yam

Sisters of the Yam by bell hooks
started: 1/1/07 finished: 1/11/07

This book is a staple for Black Feminists. Having managed 2 African-American bookstores, you would think that I would have read this by now. Oh, well…
Now, one of the downsides of reading so much is that I don’t retain information for long after I’m done. That said, I think the subtitle explains it nicely: black women and self-recovery.
How do Black women hold themselves together while navigating through white supremacy, male supremacy, the sometimes complicated dealings with other women (Black & White), and self-sabotage? hooks explores all of these issues and gives thoughtful solutions for self-recovery.

One thought on “Sisters of the Yam

  1. I have a couple of her books but they’re sitting on the shelf, unread. Reading this is inspiring me to read them (or at least put them in the reading stack). I read the re/search book Angry Women a few years ago and her interview was fascinating.

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