Go Toni! It’s Ya Birthday!

50 cent and I have several things in common:

  1. We share the same birthday (today)
  2. We both love Vitamin Water
  3. We both been shot a whole buncha times (if you count my childhood immunizations)
  4. We both like to do stuff over and over – He makes the same song again & again (Candy Shop, Magic Stick, that song about the amusement park) – I am turning 40 for the third time.

Others that share this birth date:

Frida Kahlo – we both have facial hair

Sylvester Stallone – I walked up those steps in Philadelphia once

The Dalai Lama – aren’t our similarities obvious?

9 thoughts on “Go Toni! It’s Ya Birthday!

  1. I am sure 50 cent is going to drink enough for the both of you tonightDon’t know much about Frida Kahlo expect that she was a Mexican artist with a unibrowI am sure Stallonewill shoot up enough roids you’ll probably be able to bench press like a 25yr old on your next birthday And to share a birthday with the Dalai Lama is Freakin cool, and much needed after all booze n drugs. Happy Birthday

  2. happy BELATED bday! this was also my grandmothers day. she had trouble sleeping. the dalai lama waved at me. we are all interconnected, no?

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