Random Thoughts

How come the ghosts on The Ghost Whisperer never get mad when Jennifer Love Hewitt translates their messages to the living?

Ghost: Please tell him that I am sorry to have cheated on him with brother.
JLH: She says she is sorry that she caused you so much pain.

That’s not what she said! Is she in so much of a hurry to get them to walk into the light that she has to abbreviate everything?

But the ghosts never protest.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. What are you doing watching Ghost Whisperer? Pop in a DVD Remember my Dublin flight was delayed like 10 hours. Guess what TV show they played for last 2hours of flight? 7th Heaven. I believe there is something very wrong about that. If I had to choose between Ghost Whisperer and 7th heaven I am taking a nap

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