Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment

by Deepak Chopra
started 8/13/07 8/21/07

In addition to various other undiagnosed mental illnesses, I have bouts of Autism and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The former manifests itself as “Hip-Hop Autism”. Which means that when I hear certain phrases, in seconds my mind will find the hip-hop lyric associated with it. For example, when I hear…”Miss Toni, your college student loan (for a degree you didn’t earn) is now paid in full”, I must immediately reply…”Thinking of a master plan. This ain’t nothin’ but sweat inside my hand….”
The OCD comes into play in how I choose what to read next. I try to alternate between fiction and non-fiction. So, after reading the mystery Blonde Faith by Walter Mosley, I picked up Buddha by Deepak Chopra ready to immerse myself in his story. But it turned out to be fiction! I was pissed! I hate it when authors fictionalize the stories of real people. How can you re-create conversations and details and smells, etc. when none of the people are still alive? I was angry with Mr. Chopra, who I really admire (although I met him once and he wasn’t very friendly; but I think he needed coffee, it was pretty early).
Since I don’t like giving up on books, I plugged ahead and was pleasantly surprised. Once I gave up any expectations (Buddha would be proud) and just lost myself in the story I found it to be a well-written, exciting, and thorough account of what the Buddha must have gone through on his path to enlightenment.

2 thoughts on “Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment

  1. Yeaaaa! You’re back! I won’t do the whole neck roll thing like Miss Joyous. You have to keep it coming since you are the inspiration and source of material for our soon to be book club! So do people try to get you to play word association with your Hip Hop Gift? For example if I say – “It’s hot as hell”Of course you can tell me to go straight there if you like….glad you’re back.

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