Further Tales

While out doing my errands this morning (and listening to Talib Kweli) I realized that there were some things that I meant to put in the last post, but I forgot.

  • I do like the Kanye West cd; just not all at one time. I felt the same way with the latest Justin Timberlake cd. When the songs came up randomly in shuffle on my ipod it was party time. But when I listened to the whole cd from start to finish it was just too much Timbaland.
  • Talib Kweli mentions Lynne Thigpen in one of his rhymes. How hot is that?
  • I put an asterisk by 50 Cent’s name because I wanted to come back to him later. No, I am not a huge fan of his current work. It is a little skewed towards his female fans and what he thinks they want to hear. However, he has lost some of the magic that he had very early in his career like How to Rob from the In Too Deep soundtrack or his early mixtapes.

I think that is all.

2 thoughts on “Further Tales

  1. i LOVE lynne thigpen! she was the voice of luna on bear in the big blue house. i know she did lots more amazing stuff but i have a special fondness for that particular role because my old camp counselor does a few of the puppets on that show!

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