My Sewing Life, Part 2

That period in college was probably my most creative and productive. I have always been clear that I am a seamstress not a designer. I totally need a pattern to tell me what to do. My friend Karen, on the other hand, sews totally freestyle. She is also an artist, so she will sketch something out and make it. I think being around her (especially when we lived next door to each other and had marathon sewing nights) really inspired me. During this time I made coats, party dresses, menswear … you name it. I was also very fortunate (being young) to be able to wear clothing straight out of the pattern envelope with no alterations (except for adding length – I am a tall girl).
When I left Tallahassee for Atlanta (then L.A., then Atlanta) my sewing kinda fell off. Not sure why. Maybe it was growing up, working, socializing…I don’t know. It just started petering off. Still kept buying fabric though (it’s a rule!).
The last few years I have made some things but they didn’t fit correctly. I gained quite a bit of weight but didn’t adjust the size of the patterns I made (delusional). Also, I needed to learn how to adjust the patterns because my body just isn’t shaped like it used to be (delusion over).
In the last few months (thanks to a new computer and high-speed internet) I have spent a lot of time reading sewing blogs and am finding inspiration to start sewing again.
That is my sewing life … and it’s new beginning.

2 thoughts on “My Sewing Life, Part 2

  1. i sorta feel like my sewing life has been kicked into gear once again as i just hemmed a new pair of pants. they look severely less-than-professional but will be better than rolling them up five times due to my being so vertically challenged! still, i feel like patting myself on the back. one small step for svm…

  2. Toni ~ with a little preserverance you can do it. As you can see from my blog, I am not a skinny girl but I have managed through trial and error to come up with a wardrobe. If you ever have questions, let me know. I am more than willing to answer a question or two! 🙂

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