43. Black Skyy, The Lady in Black Series Book One

by Janet Stevens Cook

started 9/8/07 ended 9/27/07

I must admit that had the author not come into my job and introduced herself, I probably wouldn’t have read this book. Black Skyy is published by Strebor Books International, which is a company started by bestselling author Zane. Most of the books they publish are so called “Street” or “Urban” lit, and I am not their target audience. I am not interested in how hard it is to survive the drug game or how a sista has to use what she’s got to get what she wants. Never have been.

Black Skyy, on the other hand, is more for grown folks. Yes, the lead character Sandy has a hardscrabble childhood filled with drugs, prostitution culminating in watching her mother murdered by the henchman of a powerful drug dealer. But she survives to work her way up in Corporate America. The real story lies in how she transforms from one life to the other and how she develops the persona of Skyy, The Lady in Black – who avenges the wrongs done to children and women (reminiscent of one of my favorite authors – Andrew Vachss).

What I Liked:

  • Locations include D.C., New York, South America (love it when Black People go international !)
  • References I can relate to – Jenisa Washington (leatherwear designer and wife of Isaiah) and Jim Vance (my favorite newscaster growing up)
  • Although she kicks ass, Skyy sometimes belies the SBW (Strong Black Woman) myth and reveals a sensitive side seems unsure of herself and the missions that she has taken on.

What I Disliked:

The problem with some of these small publishing companies is that they don’t invest enough in professional editors and proofreaders. There were a couple timeline issues and the voice changes from first person to narrative was sometimes confusing.

This is the first book in the series and I look forward to seeing where The Lady In Black goes next.

3 thoughts on “43. Black Skyy, The Lady in Black Series Book One

  1. Hey, Toni! If Andrew Vachss is one of your favorite authors, why aren’t you showing any of his books on Shelfari? Chance to make it up is next week, when he releases the 18th (and final) Burke novel, ANOTHER LIFE. Enjoy!

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