44. The Vixen Diaries

by Karrine Steffans

started 9/29/07 finished 9/29/07

Okay, I read this book today during the commercial breaks of all the show premieres I taped this week. This book left me just as conflicted and frustrated as the first book. And not for the reasons that you might think. I have no problem with promiscuity if that is what you want to do. Even if it involves celebrities. Everyone has a famous person that they might give up their spouses or partners for. I personally have a list of a few actors or singers that if they just looked at me sideways, my clothes may fall right off. But I am clear that it is just about having fun and won’t lead to a lasting relationship.

If her writing is any indication, Karrine Steffans is an intelligent woman. You can tell she gets her read on and I am sure that hanging out with Bill Maher allowed her to soak up information by osmosis. She is very clear about how her life has shaped her self-esteem and subsequent choices. What I don’t understand is why she still jumps headfirst into relationships with men. She will write three paragraphs so introspective that you want to send her therapist a check. Then she will describe the love that she has with someone that is so deep it is beyond explanation to us mere mortals. Then they leave her and go back to their real lives. It is so frustrating.

Anyway, if it is gossip you are looking for this one isn’t as chock full as the first one, although it includes return appearances by Ray J and Bobby Brown. The Vixen Diaries is more about her life after the first book and how people treat her as a result. Especially interesting is her encounter with Jamie Foxx (oops, my clothes just fell off!).

One of the best chapters is the last one, which is a letter to Papa, the infamous unnamed celebrity in the first book. She finally reveals who it is….and Joy, you were right.

8 thoughts on “44. The Vixen Diaries

  1. Really, Toni? Jamie Foxx?!? Maybe he has unseen depths. Hilarious post–laughed many times. No one is funny like you in Canada, that’s for damn sure.

  2. I read the first book in a couple hours in the cafe at Barnes and Noble. I can imagine this one makes the reader feel a little conflicted and frustrated because she’s also that way. But, she tells who Papa is? Interesting. I’ll check this one out next time I’m in the Barnes and Noble.

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