Self-Induced Punishment

Every now and then I put myself on sewing purchase punishment. This means that I can’t buy any new fabric or patterns until I actually sewed something. But because of general malaise and procrastination nothing gets made. Now not buying fabric has proven relatively easy. Because of my very limited budget, sometimes it is a choice between that cute dark-wash denim or groceries. But what I haven’t been able to resist are 99 cent pattern sales. First I justified it by saying that because I had gained some weight I had to buy larger sizes (which is true). So now I have the patterns in the correct sizes and still no sewing. I went back on punishment….until I had to go to Hancock’s for elastic. Fortunately the Hancock Fabrics on Piedmont Road in Atlanta, GA (yes, I called them out. I hate them that much, but there aren’t any other fabric stores close to me) almost never has any fabric worth buying so I knew I could get in and out. And I did, with elastic, thread, buttons and…

McCall’s 5556

McCall’s 5525
Confession: I ordered rainwear fabric for this from Denver Fabrics cause they are having a blowout sale and I will have a trenchcoat for less than $20.
McCall’s 5472
I already have some brown tweed knit fabric for this. I would scan a swatch for you but there is too much stuff on top of the scanner and I don’t feel like moving it.

McCall’s 5522
Damn those 99cent sales! Gotta go now. I am back on punishment.

7 thoughts on “Self-Induced Punishment

  1. For the record, I hate that Hancock Fabrics, too. In high school I worked at a JoAnn Fabrics that was paradise compared to that store.Anyway, I found your blog!-T.

  2. I am sort of on a self-induced yarn punishment. I’ve been doing relatively well. I think the biggest help is that I don’t have but a tiny selection of my pattern stash over here. The rest is in binders in boxes in my mom’s garage. Also I have been knitting up a coat since the beginning of the year (with occasional pauses to whip out smaller projects). The jacket is now finished. It’s been lying on my floor for a week drying and hopefully blocked into place. I’m sort of scared to move it because once I do, I know I will wander into the nearest yarn store and get myself in trouble!

  3. Toni, You are not the only who struggles with pattern/fabric addiction. I’m so bad, I’ve asked my daughter to help me resist the temptation of buying more patterns and fabrics. …, it doesn’t work. I always play the mother card when she tries to help. lol

  4. lol,, patterns are NOT a bad thing, just embrace it, because believe it or not, eventually you do get to a point where you don’t have to get every new pattern,, you will see, lol

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