47. Nappily Married

by Trisha R. Thomas

started 10/20/07 finished 10/20/07

I woke up at 5:30 this morning (I usually get up at 4:30, so I got an extra hour of sleep!) and started reading this book. I finished around 9:00 am. Nappily Married is the third book by Thomas featuring Venus Johnston. In the first book, Nappily Ever After, Venus cuts off all of her long relaxed hair and goes natural after breaking up with her boyfriend. In the second book, Would I Lie to You, Venus moves across country for work leaving behind her boyfriend of 2 years and tries to make the long distance relationship work. In Nappily Married, Venus is married and a stay at home mom with a young daughter and returns to work taking a position that may threaten her marriage. Just like the first book, when she faces a turning point in her life and marriage she winds up in the beautician’s chair looking to tame her curly, natural hair and go back to the relaxer.

Trisha R. Thomas always has well-rounded modern African-American female characters and she has managed to make the hot-bed issue of our relationship to our hair humorous.

Footnote: If you were wondering why Halle Berry has been growing her hair out the past few years, it is because she owns the movie rights to Nappily Ever After and has to have a haircut during the story. I believe that she will begin filming sometime next year after her well-deserved maternity leave.

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