48. Get Yours! The Girlfriends’ Guide to Having Everything You Ever Dreamed of and More

by Amy Dubois Barnett

started 10/16/07 finished 10/21/07
If you read as many magazines as I do, then you start to recognize certain writers and editors as they move along in their careers. I remember Amy Dubois Barnett first from Essence magazine and then as editor-in-chief of Honey magazine, my most favorite, favorite, favorite publication of all time (can you tell that I loved it?).
Get Yours!, Barnett’s first book, is a self-help blueprint to help you improve all of the various areas of your life. She quickly dispels the notion that magazine writers, especially those that deal with celebrities, lead a lofty, glamorous life that we can all aspire to. She uses her own life story filled with its own up and downs to illustrate that there is not much that we can’t overcome if we put our minds to it.
Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of our lives, including health, finances, spirituality and general happiness. They begin with a quiz to determine where you are at this point in time. Then there are action steps you can take to change today, this year, and always. And finally, each chapter ends with an interview with a celebrity who embodies the principle covered. The women she interviews include: Gayle King (Get That Gig), Kelis (Get Your Chic On), and Mo’Nique (Get Your Family Together). The lone man, Hill Harper, is interviewed in the chapter on relationships (Get Him).
Although it doesn’t say it, this book is clearly geared towards African-American women (the publishers probably made sure to omit it from the title & subtitle) but of course the subjects covered are universal and all women would enjoy it. I recommend it especially for young women in college and just starting out, maybe even high school. But even a 42 year old (such as my self) could find inspiration and guidance to help balance their lives.

One thought on “48. Get Yours! The Girlfriends’ Guide to Having Everything You Ever Dreamed of and More

  1. I need to read this book. I’m so curious about the quiz. Looks like it could be a really helpful tool for me at this point in my life. I struggle with feeling like I’m almost 35 and it’s too late for me to do certain things. I need that little push sometimes to remind me it’s not too late till I’m dead.

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