To Whom It May Concern:

…you don’t seem to want me to go on this trip.

First, you put financial misgivings in my head and tried to get me to cancel. Fortunately my friend (& travel companion) Joy talked me out of it.
Then, you lay me out with a cold that came out of nowhere – that I couldn’t even treat holistically when the symptoms first appeared, cuz it just hit me hard. But thanks to rest , Mucinex, Nyquil and my co-workers homemade chicken soup (the best I have ever had), I am almost back to normal.
Next, knowing that our main reason for going to NYC was to see Fantasia in The Color Purple before she leaves in February, you convince the stagehands to go out on strike leaving Broadway dark and our tickets useless.
And your coup de gras is to take the cold that I am getting over in Atlanta and make sure that Joy gets it in Los Angeles!!!

Bravo!! You have pulled out all of the stops to make sure this doesn’t happen.

I don’t know who you are.

If you are the Universe, then you are doing this as a test to make see if I will maintain the safe rut that I am in and won’t get out of or if I will do what you really want me to do – get out of town and rejuvenate my spirit with new adventures.
If you are some random person who dislikes me and has some sort of elaborate voodoo doll of me set up somewhere, then you are in trouble. Because I know a little voodoo, too. And some Santeria & Hoodoo and all that. I am also on a first name basis with the aforementioned Universe, God, Allah, Buddha, and various other deities that you may not be familiar with.

And while I have been too sick to sew the fabulous big city wardrobe I had planned, you can best believe that I will be getting on the plane Friday in my country mouse clothes and going to NYC.


3 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern:

  1. Sure hope y’all made it safely and are enjoying yourselves. Perhaps there’s a new and even better surprise waiting for you in NYC. You sure need something amazing to compensate for all the sickness and strikes!

  2. Okay! Okay! I’ll admit it. It was me. The love-lorn, old woman in a shoe that can’t even get a business trip right, let alone a trip to New York ( to find Jay-Z,Idris Elba and/or any ‘locked, swaggering, fine-ass black man’ (NOT Jesse Martin) ) right. IT WAS ME. I called upon the spirits to send colds, flu, strep throat to you and Joyous, so that you would have to wait until I was financially, mentally and emotionally ready to be 3000 miles away from home.But since your voodoo doll was bigger than mine and you are actually IN New York city as I type! Have a good time!! Get some(of whatever is good) for me!

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