51. Conception

by Kalisha Buckhanon
started 11/5/07 finished 11/15/07

Y’all know that I am not a fan of “urban literature”. Tales of drug dealers, hustlers, and golddiggers don’t appeal to me. For the most part, their intentions are good. A lot of the books focus on the street life and urban culture that a lot of our youth are drawn to. While they tell those stories, some of them also show the downfall of that life and what it can lead to.

Now Kalisha Buckhanon’s books don’t necessarily fall into this category, but if you know someone who loves urban lit and you want to steer them to something a little more substantial, then her books are for you. Her first book, Upstate, was amazing. It told the story of two high school sweethearts deeply in love and devoted to each other. While circumstances force them apart, one goes to prison and the other to college, they vow to always be there for each other. The books chronicles their letters to each other over time. Go get this book now!!

Buckhanon’s second book doesn’t disappoint. Conception is the story of a Chicago high school girl who finds herself pregnant. With no father in the home and a mother who barely acknowledges her presence, she has begun an affair with the husband of the family that she babysits for. While she ponders what to do about her pregnancy, she meets a boy (a fellow castaway) that she immediately connects with.

The highlight of this book, however, are the chapters told from the point of view of her unborn child. The child describes the many times that it has almost been born and what happened to the prospective mothers. These chapters are some of the most beautifully written ones of the book.

I believe that both of these books are appropriate for teenage girls. Especially if you want them reading something other than Gossip Girls!!

3 thoughts on “51. Conception

  1. That sounds really interesting, and what a cool POV.I hate Gossip Girls and everything that stands for. If I had a daughter, I’d give those to her if I wanted her to turn into a vapid loser.

  2. Thank you! I am constantly looking for books to get my students reading. The girls in particular are so into urban lit. Anything else you can suggest is welcomed, for boys as well.

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