Like some animal in a wildlife preserve, I have been tagged by Janie. Unlike those animals, I have to now reveal 7 weird or random things about myself.

1. I wear my clothes in the order of appearance in the closet. My clothes are separated: shirts on one side, pants & skirts on the other (I don’t own any dresses). I choose the first shirt and then then choose bottoms to go with it. If the shirt isn’t suitable for the day or I just don’t feel like wearing it then it goes to the back of the line….and so on, and so on. If something keeps coming up in rotation and I never wear it, then I get rid of it. Also, it makes my clothes feel loved because everything gets touched.

2. I always meet my celebrity crushes. Sometimes it takes years, but our paths somehow cross. After I meet them I don’t care about them anymore. And they usually turn out to not be nearly as attractive as they photograph. Except for Shemar Moore. I couldn’t look him in the face cuz the fineness was blinding.

3. I am a good cook. But I only cook for myself so nobody believes me.

4. I have Van Halen & Fleetwood Mac on my ipod.

5. I have never had a manicure, pedicure, had my eyebrows plucked, or shaved my legs. I’d rather read a book than spend all that time on maintenance. Just don’t have the money for that stuff (that’s why I wear dreadlocks). Plus, the hair on my legs is very thin and my eyebrows have a perfect natural arch (if I say so myself).

6. I am addicted to calendars and planners. I buy one, sometimes two every year….but I don’t have nothing to plan!!! At the end of the year they are empty!

7. I am afraid of statues. Sometimes I think they are moving when I look at them. I grew up in Washington, DC with statues on every corner and the Smithsonian Museum’s exhibits. I think that this is the one that ruined it for me.

Unfortunately, most of my friends don’t have blogs so I don’t know who to tag. I have to wait until I get some more bloggin‘ under my belt.

6 thoughts on “Tagged!!

  1. You do have good eyebrows! If you haven’t heard it on the street, I’m in Portland for the time being and working part time for a store you’re quite familiar with–see, I never abandoned you! Hopefully, I’ll get some freelance writing going soon, too.Hope all is well!-Theresa

  2. Toni,You are cracking me up! “the fineness was blinding” I love that line. Did you never cook for Joy when you two were roommates? If you make an appointment for a manicure or pedicure you will have something to put in the planners.

  3. I shall third your eyebrows’ excellence!I like your slightly OCD clothing reassurances. Made me laugh.Ick, The Awakening bothers me, too, but in a bad-art sense.

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