In Her Shoes

Yes, I know that is a book and movie title but this post is about neither. It is about my shoes. This may be hard to believe but I have not had on a pair of heels for over 10 years. My life has morphed since then into the “comfort zone” and all clothing & shoe purchases for the last 10 years have fallen in that zone.

So one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to step up my style game (more on that later) and today that meant going through my old heels and deciding what to keep and what to donate. But first let me preface this by saying that since I pretty much live in athletic footwear, my idea of a heel is not the same as most modern women. There are no Jimmy Choo’s here. Off we go.
When I first put these on I thought that they were cut a little to high on the foot and wouldn’t work any more. But after looking at them all day and walking around in them a little, I decided that the patent leather croc print was just too classic and they deserved a reprieve.
These used to be my interview shoes and I maybe wore them to work when I managed a Black bookstore and we would have an important booksigning. Again, cut a little high for my current taste, but they are hardly worn and despite the kinda thick heel, they can stand in as a basic black heel.

These are my most favorite shoes in the world. Aren’t they rich and luscious? Don’t you just want to get a spoon and eat them up? I bought these at an outlet store (can’t remember which one) earlier than 1996 (I gauge time by the Atlanta Olympics). Probably 1994 0r 5. I love them. I have dreams of them. Every year when the fall collections come out I picture which items I can wear them with. Yet….I have never worn them. The soles are as beautiful and spotless as the day I bought them. Please someone invite me to an event I can wear these to because they just don’t fit into my current lifestyle. Oh, and send me a driver because I don’t want to scuff up the bottoms!

I used to wear these a lot. When I put them on again today I didn’t remember them being cut as high as they are (I guess toe cleavage wasn’t popular in the 80’s & 90’s). Now they have a vintage vibe that I am falling in love with. Sort of reminiscent of the 20’s and 30’s.
They look a little dowdy in this picture but I am going to work that out.

These didn’t make the cut. I was just holding onto them for sentimental purposes. My first celebrity crush was a well-respected music journalist and author. I had been reading his work and following his career from afar. While I was managing the Truth Bookstore, a now closed Black bookstore in Atlanta, he came by for a booksigning. Before the signing he did a newspaper interview in the back of the store. While he was waiting for the reporter to get organized, he looked to the front of the store where I was sitting at the counter working and said, “Nice shoes.”
Men very seldom notice women’s shoes without being prompted so this was a big deal. We wound up going to an NBA game that night and while nothing came of it, I got to meet and hang out with my crush. He even let me read part of a book he was working on. Despite all that these shoes are kinda tore up and must go.

I am on the fence about these. The heel is a little chunky for my current taste and the toe is wide and boxy. On the other hand, when worn with really long, wide pants the boxy toe looks like a squared off cowboy boot. I will keep these around a little longer while I decide.

So there you have it. My limited heels wardrobe. Noticeably missing: anything for evening. I don’t have my evening opportunities currently and will just get them when I need them.

6 thoughts on “In Her Shoes

  1. Why couldn’t you wear those luscious brown shoes in New York? I can picture them strolling down fifth avenue. Or maybe Jesse Martin could have carried you so as not to scuff the bottoms!Red shoes are cute too. I admire people that can buy Red shoes. I always see them and covet them but never buy them. I don’t know why.

  2. I didn’t even bring anything with a heel to NY. I knew that there was going to be a lot of walking going on! Ask Joy. Although she said she was fine, we stopped and she bought flat shoes to continue our trek!

  3. Joy says:

    I was cute as all get out…but after 20 blocks I HAD to get some Pumas. Ha Ha.But ladies… in March bring the heels and the cuteness… we are going OUT.

  4. I love the classic, vintage look of your shoes! And I love Mary Janes!I miss shoes. Here in Japan, you’re always taking off your shoes (EVERYWHERE, practically!) so it’s almost like they don’t matter anymore. I don’t even know why folks here BUY shoes! Hah!

  5. I just went through this–not all of my shoes would have fit into my car.My two cents: keep all of them except for the last two pairs. Although, the story that goes with the second to the last pair might still make ’em keepers.And, I must commend you on your shoe photography skills–you got pics of them on the foot!-T.

  6. I’m going through this also. My heels are not practical for walking my kids to and from school. I also really wanted some stilettos with the metal heel this season because they just look like total bad girl shoes, but I could not justify buying them when I have no where to wear them. And Janie, I have four pairs of red shoes. I love them! 🙂

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