Sewing Resolution 2008

This one is the easiest. My sewing resolution is to…!

Some of you may think that I am lying and I can’t really sew. That I just collect fabric and lurk on sewing blogs to look cool. Well here is proof.

Yes it was 20 years and 50 lbs ago, but I made that off-the-shoulder knit top and tissue lame’ (not the nicest fabric to work with) bubble skirt!! While looking through the photo album for this picture I noticed that almost everything I had on was made by me. I was a fearless seamstress back then. I even made a black knit catsuit (you have to come to my apartment to see that picture). And I didn’t have a sewing room either. I found a picture of one of my roommates and in the background there is a dress form (that has since disappeared) and a sewing machine sitting on a packing trunk. That was my sewing table! And I just got rid of that machine last year.
So, while I won’t be making any bubble skirts any time soon, I will be ramping up the sewing around here. Nothing exciting at first. I will making lots of basics because I don’t have any of the staples in my wardrobe. I have created a spreadsheet called the Wardrobe Builder using the Lucky Magazine Shopping Manual. Each chapter is based on a different clothing type (skirts, tops, dresses, etc.), and it tells you what items you need for a well rounded wardrobe.

I want to do some fun sewing as well and maybe make some things from my inspiration wall (which has grown since this picture was taken).

6 thoughts on “Sewing Resolution 2008

  1. As you know I can’t sew, or do anything well with my hands thats including penmanship. However I do know, if you begin again what you once couldn’t stop doing you’ll be very very happy. I can’t wait to see what you sew. HAPPY NEW YEAR

  2. I am sooooo glad you will be doing something with all that fabric. I miss the sewing Toni. I haven’t seen her since my wedding in Sept 2001. Can I post that picture?

  3. Look at you! SO talented to be able to make those outfits!I have always wanted to learn how to sew but sort of shied away from it. I used to have nightmares about how my mom made my 8th grade graduation dress and it turning out looking like it was out of the 1950s. Now I really want to learn.

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