Health Resolutions 2008

In addition to the standard medical & dental check-ups, I want to do the following:

  • Lose 50 lbs by the end of the year. Women’s Health magazine (one of my favorites; I am a magazine addict) has put out a book called the Perfect Body Diet. I read through it (as I do all diet books) and while I decided that it wasn’t for me, I did take the test to determine what my ideal weight should be. According to my height (5’9″) and body frame (medium; determined by measuring my wrist), I should be 145 lbs. Yes, that means that I am currently 195 lbs. There! I said it! Talk amongst yourselves.
  • Exercise. I don’t have an exercise habit at all. The only reason that I am not substantially heavier is because I don’t drive and walk to and from the train and I walk a lot during the day at my job. I currently subscribe to the following health & exercise magazines: Shape, Fitness, Self, and Women’s Health. I have lots of exercise dvds. I just don’t do it. I must start. I am working on a viable, simple plan.
  • Practice yoga. The physical and spiritual aspects appeal to me.
  • Cut back on sugar. I am a sugar addict and rarely does a day go by without it. I have already started eating more fruit to give me the sweet taste without the blood sugar issues.
  • Drink more water. Compared to most Americans, I already drink a lot. I am not getting 8 glasses, though.
  • Eat more fresh vegetables. Again, compared to most Americans, I eat a lot, but more won’t hurt.

I think these are goals that are attainable. I am giving myself a whole year to lose the weight!!

5 thoughts on “Health Resolutions 2008

  1. i lost 40 but really gradually over 4 years because i wasn’t consciously working at it. if i can do it w/o planning to then you can do it because you’re so prepared!

  2. This week I had two grapefruits. I drink the juice from time to time, but I haven’t had an actual grapefruit in years. I don’t have the worst diet in the world, but I am making an effort to make it better. But I refuse to give up chocolate.

  3. You can definitely do it. I want to be able to run 3-5 miles 3x a week and be able to do 20 pushups. I went to run today and I was totally huffing and puffing.

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