2. Irresistible You

by Francis Ray

I used to heavily imbibe in romance novels. But this past year for some reason I wasn’t in the mood for them. In the last couple weeks or so, maybe because of winter doldrums (or my advanced singledom), I started to crave them again. Like I have said before, sometimes you just want to be assured of a happy ending.

Irresistible You is a part of the Grayson series by Francis Ray. This series follows the Grayson’s of New Mexico and their cousins the Falcons of Texas. The matriarch of the Grayson family, Ruth, decided that she wanted to marry off her four sons and one daughter one by one and started to subtly orchestrate their love lives. The best part is that by the second or third book they start to catch on to what she is doing and after seeing the first two sons succumb the rest are running scared. So she starts to parade decoy suitors in front of them while they really fall in love with someone that they believe they chose for themselves, but that was her plan all along.

This book is especially interesting because Pierce Grayson is the last of the four brothers and the notorious playboy of the group so he is especially paranoid about any woman that his mother introduces him to! But of course he is not ready for Sabra Raineau, a Broadway actress in town to help his mother with a theatre production at the university where she works.

The other Grayson books are: Until There Was You, You and No Other, and Dreaming of You. Ruth also helps her sister-in-law marry off her children in the Falcon series: Heart of the Falcon, and Break Every Rule.

Stay tuned for more, cuz I can knock these books out in a few hours.

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