3. Slow Burn

by Brenda Jackson
This is another book that is part of a romance series and is focused on the Madaris family. The Madaris‘ are a large family with several attractive (according to the descriptions), accomplished, and eligible men. Brenda Jackson has been writing about this family for twelve years. I think now the grandchildren are marrying off! Like Francis Ray’s Grayson novels, these brothers are strong, family-oriented professionals. There are no bodice-ripping pirates in these books. They are ranchers, veterinarians, private detectives, real estate developers, etc.
Slow Burn is the story of Slade Madaris (yes, he has a twin brother Blade), who falls for Skye Barclay when she comes to town to find her biological younger brother. It turns out that the boy has been adopted by Slade’s cousin and his wife (featured in the first book in the Madarais Friends & Families series, Tonight & Forever). Skye’s adoptive parents and her fiance disagree with her decision to find the boy and cut off communication with her. She and Slade explore their mutual attraction, but danger looms when her ex-fiance shows up in town.
The Madaris series is being re-issued this year and you can find more info here.

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