10. Nappily Faithful

by Trisha Thomas

started 1/15 finished 1/27
After the drama from the last book, Nappily Married, Venus and Jake move to Atlanta (my current stomping grounds) to try and start fresh. But the past they are running from still hovers around them: Venus’ miscarriage and accidental overdose that places her in psychiatric care for awhile; Jake accused of the murder of his accountant before having the charges dropped. The new location isn’t the balm that their marraige needs. To top it all off, Airic, Venus’ ex-fiance and the biological father of her daughter Mya, is now requesting to be a part of the child’s life, even though he hasn’t seen her since birth. Airic’s new wife, a charismatic television evangelist who turned to the Church after being a teenaged prostitute, believes that having Mya in their lives will make them the perfect family and help her get over her past. (I couldn’t read this character without having a picture of Juanita Bynum in my head). Add to the mix the judge who presides over the custody case and her possible conflict of interest. This is another great addition to the Nappily series. Now if Halle Berry will just have that baby already and start production on the first in the series, Nappily Ever After.

One thought on “10. Nappily Faithful

  1. ok! this is really a coincidence, I have Nappily Married in bed right now waiting to start. πŸ™‚ I’m definitely adding you to my blog roll. And you picked out some nice fabrics! I’ll have to get a couple of them for myself πŸ™‚

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