11. Of Blood And Sorrow

by Valerie Wilson Wesley

started 1/25 finished 2/6

To be honest, I am feeling a little lukewarm about this book. I have been reading the Tamara Hayle Mysteries series since its inception with 1995’s Dying in the Dark. I was managing a Black bookstore at the time and was so excited to see a female mystery author. At the time, the African-American mystery genre was a little thin.
This is the eighth book featuring Tamara Hayle, a single-mother who makes her living as a private investigator. Her case this time requires that she find the infant child of a woman that Tamara knew a long time ago, Lilah Love (you know that name means nothing but trouble). The same day, the child’s grandfather, a one-time gangster turned legitimate businessman wants to hire Tamara to do the same thing. His son, Lilah’s ex-husband, is back from Iraq and wants to give the child a better home with his family.
Of Blood and Sorrow has all of the ingredients of a good mystery novel: intrigue, people appearing from the past, someone who isn’t who they appear to be, etc. But a lot of the Tamara and a lot of the other recurring characters just appear a little weary. I will continue to read the series, because I am just invested in them now, but I wasn’t bowled over by this one.

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