I keep trying to love Hancock’s. But my local store makes it real hard. I live in Atlanta and I don’t drive. So, while there are a few fabric stores here (not as many as I would like), the Hancock Fabrics at Lindbergh is the one that I can get to the easiest and quickest. The store is small by fabric store standards and they try to pack all they can in there. What with all the damn fleece (ughh!!) and home decorating crap (if I wanted some end tables, I would go next door to Home Goods!) they barely have enough room for all of the tired linen blends they love.

I went today for two things: single-fold black bias tape & 99 cent McCalls patterns. There was not a single package of single-fold black bias tape to be found in the whole store!!! How can you be out of something so basic and popular? That is like being out of black thread!! (Which they have before). There were dust bunnies everywhere (I think all that fleece creates extra dust). Buttons and notions just lying around on the counters. There was fabric on sale with no signage. There was bolts of fabric mixed in with where it did not belong. Nothing straightened at all! This was when the store was just opening for the day. I work in retail so I know that you aren’t supposed to leave the store looking like that at the end of the night!! I’ve also worked in a fabric store and so it really pisses my off!
Anyway, I calmed myself down enough to buy these patterns:

5592 – These will be perfect in linen.




5596 – Good wardrobe pattern
p.s. I am using double fold bias tape instead.

5 thoughts on “Choices

  1. This entry is so interesting. I’ve visited many fabric stores but I don’t know the lingo (notions?!?) I’ve been to that location and it is packed with some crazy crap.

  2. Girl, you are going to have to give up and order notions online! Atlanta Thread and Supply is near you…the shipping is cheap and they are fast! Customer service is excellent…try them and then you can stay out of Hancocks well at least for that reason! 🙂

  3. I made 5592 and love them. I just purchased 5587 a couple of days ago from Hancock Fabrics in Macon,GA and I agree with you totally.They should get rid of that furniture and Home decor stuff and fill the space with nice fabric and up to the moment notions.After all …That is what we go to the fabric store for.Are you going to the sewing expo in ATL next month?

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