Black History Month Reading

I don’t really do much to celebrate Black History Month or Kwanzaa. If I had children I would go all out. We would be reading books, writing reports, visiting museums, watching documentaries…the whole nine. (Ya’ll should be glad I don’t have kids, ’cause I would probably be raising little Black Panthers, but anyway…). Since its just me, I choose to honor this month by educating myself. So, every February I choose a book to read. It is usually a classic like Up From Slavery, Miseducation of the Negro, or The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.

This year after watching Prince Among Slaves, a documentary airing on PBS this month, I decided to read the memoirs of another African torn from his home, Olaudah Equiano.
According to the book jacket he was a “sailor, adventurer, entrepreneur, author” who after being enslaved eventually made it to England where he worked in the abololitionist movement.
So, that (along with a couple of other books) is what I’ll be reading for the rest of the month.

One thought on “Black History Month Reading

  1. Ah I don’t know about that! Do you do everything your mama told you to do! *LOL* I have found that you do have an influence on your children but they become the people they want to be NOT the people you have in mind for them to be!

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