Recent Failures

1. The Black History Month reading was a bust. My headspace just wasn’t in the right place for this book. It is a serious read and it was too much for me at this time.

2. The pants that I made didn’t fit. My main concern was fitting the hips and my focus was on that. So, of course, the hips and butt turn out perfectly and the waist didn’t come close to working. For now it is on the UFO (unfinished object – for the uninitiated) pile waiting for smaller Toni.

So I am now back to trying to find something “dressy” to wear. I can’t afford new fabric so I am attempting to shop my stash. But the problem is that my social life has been non-existent for about ten years and the fabric purchases during that time skew a little casual.

On top of all that, the PMS that I am currently experiencing will not reveal the silver lining in any of this.

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