Girl Crushes

Those of you who know me are aware of my many celebrity crushes. The collection of photos (some would call it a shrine; but I don’t light candles by it or nothin‘) of Jesse L. Martin that I have at work can attest to the seriousness of my crushes. I also have posters of Maxwell and Roosevelt Franklin. This is all just fun and fantasy.
My girl crushes, however, are more important. I have two primary ones: Jada Pinkett Smith and Erykah Badu.
A girl crush by definition (whose originally, I don’t know; but my former co-worker Jamie told me this) is someone who you don’t want to have sex with (that would be a regular crush), but you think that if you met them the two of you would be best friends. In essence, you just wanna hang out with them. In my case, I draw inspiration from them and their art. If they mention a book in an interview, I go out and buy it (although usually I already have it; see, we are already on the same wavelength!).
So, this week Erykah Badu released her latest CD, New Amerykah, Part One (4Th World War). Now, normally I would buy it on the day of release, but this week funds were tight and I had to wait until today before I could get it.
Well, after the pants debacle of yesterday and blogging about it today, I wanted to lie on the couch and deal with it some other time. Instead I remembered that I bought the CD and had to load it onto my i-pod and then I listened to it. It is going to take me a few more listens to really immerse myself in it, but I am loving it. Next thing I know, I started looking through my patterns again and then I went back to the fabric stash and found some upholstery fabric that may work for an idea that came to me.
Things are starting to look a little brighter and I credit Ms. Badu. Give thanks.

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