Procrastination Sewing

I didn’t plan for this to happen (procrastinators always say this). I have known about this trip for 2 months and here it is the day before and I still don’t have anything special to wear. (Un)Fortunately it will be cold and rainy in New York this weekend and I can get by with jeans since I will have on a coat most of the time, but I wanted to dress up a little for the theatre (I never dress up in my real life). Yesterday I was hit with some serious cramps and nausea (at least my cycle will be out of the way – sorry male readers) and I only had enough energy to wash and twist my locs…no sewing done. Today I woke up feeling better and I found an easy McCall’s blouse pattern that will sew up quickly…I just had to go and buy it. Hancock’s is having a 99cent sale on McCall’s patterns. Off I go.

I get there early and head straight for the pattern drawers. All of the patterns that I want are new and start with the numbers 56.. However, the latest ones they have start with 55… The new patterns haven’t been put out yet! So off I go to the book to search for a comparable blouse pattern that I can still get for 99 cents. While I am looking (and not liking what I see), one of the employees comes over with a big box and starts restocking the patterns. She has the new ones!!!! I will have first pick!!!! While I wait for her to finish, I look around at fabric. I am not planning on actually buying any because:

  1. I have placed myself on punishment again and I can’t buy any more fabric until I actually complete a wearable garment.
  2. I am going on vacation tomorrow with very limited funds and I don’t want to dip into my monies.
  3. I never find any good fabric in this brokedown store anyway.

Of course I found this really cute fabric (I am a sucker for certain color combinations – and this brown/light blue is one of them) on the $2.00 table so I got 5 yards. Later the cashier tried to charge me the original $3.95 price but the cutting table lady came to my aid.

These are the patterns that I picked up:

I am making the belted version using this silk jacquard (excuse the wrinkles).

These are three scarves that I have crocheted for friends while I get back in the groove of crocheting. I hope to now move on to more ambitious projects.

Now, I am off to make my blouse!

3 thoughts on “Procrastination Sewing

  1. Girl Crushes and Sewing…schwweeeeeeeeet.I JUST got my sewing machine back… can’t bring myself to sew JUST yet…it still nice to know that betsy is only 30 feet away now.

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