Recipe for Disaster?

Two weeks ago I met Janie and Joy, my friends from Los Angeles, in NYC to catch the opening weekend of Cat on A Hot Tin Roof. This trip was attempted before last November to see The Color Purple before Fantasia left, but the stagehand strike kept Broadway dark.

This is the picket line that we couldn’t cross. Joy and I were both sick that weekend and spent much of it traveling back and forth to Manhattan in a NyQuil-induced haze. We had fun just exploring different neighborhoods and visiting the Whitney Museum for a Kara Walker exhibit.

So, this trip was planned for a couple months now and of course I waited until the last minute to begin agonizing over what to wear to the theatre. Here, in Atlanta, people seem to show up in anything: what they wore to work that day, jeans & sneakers, etc. But I was raised to dress up when you go to a performance, because it is an event. My current lifestyle doesn’t include any dressy clothes since I only go to work, back home, the fabric store, Target and occasionally the movies. Perfect opportunity to make something new, right?

The first pair of pants didn’t work out. I finally settled on a silk blouse that I could wear with an existing pair of pants. The only problem is that I would have to make it the night before my flight. Guess how that turned out. By 10 p.m. I was exhausted (my normal bedtime is around 8:30 or 9), in tears and cursing my hard to fit body. The blouse is now a UFO (unfinished object for you non-crafty types) and will be finished sometime soon. The sleeves are fabulous, though!

Did I mention that my cycle was on and my hormones were making me extremely bitchy? Ya’ll know I am not like that normally….(crickets)

(Un)fortunately, it was windy, rainy, and cold for most of the weekend and nobody saw anything but my coat and soaked through tennis shoes. We had a great time despite my hormonal breakdown. I can’t remember much of what we did on Friday night, but it involved a lot of rain, 2 meals, and some window shopping.

On Saturday:

  • a stop in at the conference that was the main reason for Joy being there and breakfast where we met a beautiful young student/model from Kenya who is in college in Dallas. She was spending her spring break by herself in NYC, because you haven’t really seen America unless you go there.
  • a fabulous boutique in Harlem where we met a woman who was recovering from breast cancer who asked Joy (who has an almost shaved head) about hat options.
  • a requisite visit to Carol’s Daughter (before their website I used to ask people who were going to NY to pick up stuff for me).
  • the shoe floor at Saks (for the male salespeople as well as the shoes).
  • the play. Fantastic performances by all, especially Anika Noni Rose.
  • some great guacamole (can’t remember the name but it was 2 doors down from our hotel).
  • Janie & Joy head back to Harlem for a little nightlife. I can’t hang that late at night.

On Sunday:

  • the weather Gods gave us a break and finally cleared away the clouds and let the sun shine down.
  • several stops on the subway were closed for maintenance so we found ourselves down by City Hall where a couple squirrels tried to jack Janie for her almonds (the only criminal activity we saw all weekend – the guys trying to sell tokens in the subway don’t count, that’s business).
  • wound up on the street that my celebrity crush lives on (don’t ask me how I know), but dissuaded by Janie and Joy from walking up and down hoping that he comes out of a building.
  • found a quaint (I never use that word) brunch spot with fantastic turkey sausage.
  • walked from Soho all the way back to our wonderful hotel on Park and 26Th.
  • headed to JFK (not my favorite) for our flights home. Maybe Janie and Joy will blog about their adventure.

We had a fantabulous time and are all enamored with NYC and hope to return soon.

4 thoughts on “Recipe for Disaster?

  1. Hey, Kara Walker went to Atlanta College of Art! I saw a student show of her’s there. She’s another successful artist from there. Too bad it’s gone now.I’m sad the blouse was a fail but it’s beautiful!Jesse L. Martin is gonna be Marvin Gaye?!? Didn’t know that…Sweet hotel!!! Fancypants and all.

  2. I am so excited that you blogged about our trip!! I just relived each wonderful moment….and I am cracking up. Maybe you should tell people that several (I think 7 of 9) of the pictures I attempted to take of you have your HAND in front of your face!! can’t wait until next time!

  3. I did not know that you liked Jesse L. Martin – I think I would have to fight you for him! And he is pretty cute in person too…happened to walk down a street when they were filming L&O and saw him in person! Do you know he’s leaving L&O? What am I going to do now on Wednesday nights at 10:00!!!!Oh glad you had a good time in NYC and enjoyed the play!

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