17. Shop Your Closet

The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet with Style
by Melanie Charlton Fascitelli
started 4/5 finished 4/15

I don’t know why I continue to read organizing books, closet organizing books in particular. I live in an apartment and can’t make any major changes structurally to the space or the money to buy lots of special boxes from the Container Store (no offense to them, I love them). In our store this is shelved in the Home Management section. It belongs in the Appearance section with the other style books, because the focus was on building a good wardrobe and then placing it in a well organized space. The author owns a closet organizing business in New York and knows what shes talking about it, but the book was too all over the place for me. Browse through it at the bookstore before you buy it.*

*Bookseller’s note: After browsing, if you decide not to buy it please don’t leave it in the chair. Either reshelve it or bring it to Customer Service and we will do it for you. Oh, and don’t leave your coffee cup and granola bar wrappers in the chair either, we do have trashcans.

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