The Grass is Greener….

Living in the ‘hood has many benefits:

  • Every fast food chain is available. I can get to McDonald’s, Popeyes, Church’s, Captain D’s and Krispy Kreme in less than 5 minutes….on foot.
  • If your radio breaks down your neighbors cars will provide all the music you need. Unfortunately, you can’t pick the songs, shawty.
  • You will never sleep through New Year’s Eve because the celebratory gunfire starts early so you won’t forget. This year the first shots in my neighborhood started around 8pm this year.

And best of all:

On a random Wednesday morning, the daycare centers in the area will put on a parade, just because.

Including a princess and a marching band playing a Nelly Furtado song.

All at 10 o’clock in the morning.

We may not have a viable grocery store, but we love our children!

Sorry for the bad pictures. I was getting dressed to go to the movies and couldn’t run outside.

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