22. You Only Get Better

by Connie Briscoe, Lolita Files and Anita Bunkley
started 5/10 finished 5/12
Three stories in one. Perfect for quick summer reading. Each novella focuses on women of a certain age embarking on a new phase of their lives.
“The Perfect Life” by Connie Briscoe is about a woman who is convinced her life is dull. While attending a relative’s funeral she is forced to come to terms with her obsession with the past and finally see her current life in a new light.
“Three for the Road” by Lolita Files focuses on a spoiled woman who discovers her own strength after the events of 9/11 and a subsequent divorce.
“This Time Around” by Anita Bunkley tells the story of a woman who undergoes a makeover and after a life of devoting herself to her career, opens herself up to other possibilities.
Of all three, the one by Lolita Files was my favorite. This is curious, because I don’t normally enjoy her full length novels. Her story best illustrated for me the transformations that women can make when faced with what appears to be a catastrophe. The main character in Connie Briscoe’s tale kinda got on my nerves with her ability to hold onto a grudge. Anita Bunkley’s story features an extreme makeover involving plastic surgery and I just don’t believe that we need to cut ourselves up to change our lives. I probably shouldn’t judge fictional characters so much, but since I am around the same age as the women portrayed maybe I just took the stories a little too personally. It may not sound like it but I do recommend this book, especially for Ms. Files contribution.

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