23. Deadly Sexy

by Beverly Jenkins
started 5/17 finished 5/20
Must be the warm weather, but I am again on the romance kick. Deadly Sexy is about Jessi Teresa (JT) Blake, a successful, tough sports agents. When her brand new Lexus breaks down on the highway (sabotage by a former employee?), she is picked up by a fine (of course he is, it’s a romance novel) truck driver, Reese, who gives her a ride. It turns out that Reese isn’t just a big rig driver, but also a former policeman, lawyer and partner in his family’s company. He has just been hired by the football commissioner to investigate a murder and it also ties into the events that caused JT’s car to break down.
The twists and turns of this mystery/romance were very entertaining, especially when I found out that JT is the sister of Max, the heroine in the last Beverly Jenkins book I read – Sexy/Dangerous. While I prefer her contemporary novels, Jenkins also writes historical African-American romance, a genre that I believe she has on lock. While reading the Author’s Note, I discovered that the women featured in the present-time books are usually descendant’s of the women in her historical series. Genius! So, when JT mentions her rifle-wielding great-grandmother and the strength she derives from her story, you can actually go and read it for yourself!

4 thoughts on “23. Deadly Sexy

  1. He <>is<> a total fantasy guy isn’t he with the truck driver, cop, lawyer and businessman thing going on!The idea of historical AfAm romance is a great one. Folks forget that there was indeed some romance back in the day, not just the “love in the club” mess we’ve got going on now.

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