What I’m Not Sewing

This blog, if you can’t tell by the title, was originally meant to be a sewing blog. Unfortunately, because of my current body image and fit issues, I haven’t been sewing at all. I am hoping to change this soon. But in the meantime, take a look at:

I am not sewing any of this fabric that I have painstakingly organized in this fabulous, ghetto shelving system (cardboard boxes):

I am not using any of these patterns (I have more; these are just the ones in my current size), to sew the above fabric:

I am not using these machines to sew the above fabric using the above patterns:

I am not using this “Wall of Inspiration” to inspire me:

I am not finishing these U.F.O.’s (unfinished objects, for the uninitiated):

I am not turning these jeans into a skirt:

I am still buying patterns:

(off subject – I got a signed copy of the latest Alexander McCall Smith book from Susan, it came the same day as these patterns from Vogue)
I am still buying fabric, too, but there are no pictures.
So, hang in there with me and I promise to have at least one completed project before the summer is over!

7 thoughts on “What I’m Not Sewing

  1. I am in the same funk. Fit issues have stifled my sewing mojo. My friend Melody and I just got together to work on a bodice sloper with the hopes of perfecting its fit and returning to the machines. Don’t worry, sister-girl, you are not alone!

  2. lol Cute post! Hopefully you get your mojo back soon!** My girlfriend in new orleans said the same thing abt bra shopping being in the air! lol Spring time

  3. Sometimes I get like that too, so don’t worry about it! It helps me to look at magazines or pictures of runway creations to get me excited to finish a UFO. Hugs,Lory

  4. Okay so maybe you’re not sewing but I know I can always get a good book review here and it keeps me coming back!BTW…I am cleaning Mountain Dew off my keyboard from laughing so hard at the “ghetto shelving unit” comment!

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