McCall’s 5388

So, I finally finished a sewing project. I am in the process of converting a pair of jeans into a skirt (one of my specialties) and wanted a breezy casual top to go with it. I wear a sort of casual uniform to work and just realized that I don’t have regular casual clothes to wear on my days off.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t make me look pregnant! The fabric has a nice shiny thread running through it, so it isn’t as plain as it looks.

This is a nice, blurry shot of my tags. An old roommate of mine ordered these for me about 15 years ago and I haven’t run out yet.

“Mshoni” means dressmaker in swahili (and it rhymes with Toni).
So, there you go, my first finished object (aside from the 4 scarves that I crocheted for friends) of 2008. Hopefully, the streak will continue!

5 thoughts on “McCall’s 5388

  1. Hey! I’m proud of you!!! And what a great looking top too! Hope you get the skirt refashioned soon so we can see it too!And I’m sorry to be late getting here but I been a little preoccupied!!!

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