Vacation Reading

While I was on vacation last week I wanted to finish this amazing novel I am reading. I will go on record as saying it is my favorite book of the year…later. All I had energy for was romance novel after romance novel. I guess I thought all those happy endings would jar me out of my bad mood. They didn’t, but it was fun reading them:

27. Cole’s Red-Hot Pursuit
by Brenda Jackson
After looking at that cover, do you even care what it is about? Just in case you do…This is part of the Westmoreland family series (you know I love series). Traveling home to surprise his family, former Texas Ranger Cole Westmoreland wrecks his rental car in a Montana blizzard and passes out. He is rescued by Dr. Patrina Forman, who manages to get him to her house where she can treat his minor injuries and take care of him until the town thaws out. After her policeman husband dies, Patrina swears she would never date a lawman again. But Cole always gets what he wants.
28. Just Deserts
by Brenda Jackson
You can tell I am a Brenda Jackson fan. When the African-American romance genre started in the late eighties, I would read them all, because there just weren’t that many. Now the genre has exploded and I don’t have the time to read them all and a lot of them aren’t that good. So I just stick with a few that are tried and true. This is the last book in “The Three Mrs. Fosters” series. I missed out on the first two and have to go back and read them. They are written by Carla Fredd and Carmen Green. When Marc Foster passes away unexpectedly, it is revealed that he is married to three different women. Each book focuses on one wife, how she deals with the news and how she is able to learn to trust and love again. Just Deserts tells the story of his first wife, Danielle and her handling of the betrayal. Because she was married to him the longest, she has the hardest time letting go of her anger and moving on. Her best friend and business partner, Tristan Adams is there with a shoulder to cry on. If you know what I mean.
29. Charade
by Donna Hill
When she receives a scholarship to film school in NYC, Tyler Ellington believes that she can finally escape her past and move toward her dreams. She falls for the schools most popular student, filmmaker Miles Bennett (which is hard for her, cause she has serious trust issues). Miles betrays her and she seeks solace back home in Savannah, where she soothed by new to the area Sterling Grey. Which man will she choose. The only problem with this book was that everybody kept using payphones and checking their pagers. I wondered, “why don’t they just use their cellphones”? I looked at the title page and saw that it was originally published in 1998! No wonder. Romance publishers tend
to recycle titles by putting a more up to date picture on the cover. I hate that.
30. The Sweetest Temptation
by Rochelle Alers
Another series. Again I missed the first one and will be going back to read the first. The third one comes out next month. This series follows the Whitfields of New York. Tessa, Simone (who are sisters) and Faith (their cousin) make their livings planning weddings for others. So of course their own love lives suffer. Faith is a pastry chef who meets Ethan McMillan at a party when he rescues her from another man’s advances. Can she slow down her professional life and let him woo her? I really like Rochelle Alers’ writing. Her characters are believable and well thought out and the dialogue as well.
31. On My Terms
by Shirley Hailstock
This is the second book in this group with someone escaping a bad childhood. Except in this case, Theresa Ramsey, is forced to go back and deal with it. Theresa leaves London and returns to America to take care of her dying cousin and her cousin’s daughter. After her cousin’s death, she finds out that the nest egg she left to take care of her daughter doesn’t exist and Theresa is forced to return to the house she grew up in. Expecting a quiet place to raise her cousin’s daughter, she instead finds that a movie crew has overstayed its contract and is still filming there. She allows them to stay because she needs the money they provide, but will she allow Dean Clayton, the director, into her heart? (I sound like the cheesy covers!!!)

5 thoughts on “Vacation Reading

  1. Oh I’m so mad at you for this! LOL You got me hooked on Beverly Jenkins! I’m currently reading Cuffed. I’ve read Deadly Sexy and Sexy dangerous and I have Jewel waiting on me. I’ll have to make note of these and read them later. I added Her Little Black Book to my list and I need to pick that one up Monday! LOL

  2. I’m sorry. I will try to ease up a little. But I am sitting in a one bedroom apartment with hundreds of books and I go to work everyday and see thousands more!! And next week I am getting 2 more of the books in those series!

  3. I follow your book reading & you are killing me!!!! I have not had the funds to purchase books lately (unemployed) but now I have a job & cannot wait to buy them! We read the same books!

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