Random Thoughts

  • Stephen Carter dropped by our store to sign copies of his book. I was way too excited and fawned all over him. He handled it like the extremely poised Yale law professor that he his and didn’t let it show that I was freaking him out.
  • The Italian Vogue saga. Those of us who regularly read fashion content on the internet have known that this special issue featuring all Black models was coming out for a few months now. When we started getting calls at my store about it in early June, our inventory manager called one of the magazine buyers for our chain to request additional copies. Our normal draw is 2 copies per month. My manager asked for 75-100 instead, assuring them that we could sell them based on the demand we were seeing. We were told that it was too late and that every store would be getting their normal draw. So, for the last few weeks we have been fielding lots of calls (some of them angry; some of them understanding) and we realized that about 95% of the women who wanted this magazine were not going to get it. I even had people in NY and LA looking out for copies for me, because since we were only getting 2, employees couldn’t buy them. They finally came in last Friday (on my day off) and they sold within an hour. One man just happened to be in the store when they arrived and he bought a copy. Then, there is this woman who calls literally every day (since we could never give her an exact date for their arrival; and we weren’t holding copies) and they told her we had one copy left. She hopped in her car and came over, calling every few minutes on her cell to make sure it was still here. When she finally made it to the store and bought the copy she held it over her head in victory and all the staff applauded!! Sista worked for that magazine!! On Tuesday I was sitting in my office (watching the clock) when one of my co-workers came and said that we got in more Italian Vogue. He is kind of a joker and I thought he was playing. I went into the stockroom and saw all these people standing around some boxes – we got in an extra 90 copies!!!!!!! We knew that Conde Nast was reprinting 10,000 copies, but we though that they were being distributed to the NYC area. I got a copy (with Liya Kibade on the cover) after getting permission from the manager on duty and spent my grocery money for the week. (Please send ramen noodles, asap). We haven’t had this much stress and excitement in our store since the last Harry Potter!

I thought I had more random thoughts to share, but I guess not!

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