34. Chasing Harry Winston

by Lauren Weisberger

started 7/22 finished 7/28

Maybe I’m just more of a reader than a fabulous fashionista, but this book was a disappointment. I’ve been in one of my moods lately, so the fiction I have been craving has been pretty breezy, light and funny (stay tuned for a major romance binge later). This book just wasn’t as enjoyable as The Devil Wears Prada.

Chasing Harry Winston follows three friends over the course of a year as they make a pact to step out of their comfort zones and make a change to their behavior. Emmy, a serial monogamist with little experience with men, finds out that her boyfriend has left her for his personal trainer. On the recommendation of her friends, she decides to be more sexually adventurous. Adriana, a spoiled Brazilian beauty (they’re everywhere these days) who has no job and lives off her trust fund, vows to do the opposite. She will stop all of her trysts and try to settle down with one man – an get an engagement ring within the year. To the others Leigh has the most perfect life – her dream job, a successful boyfriend who worships the ground she walks on, and a fabulous apartment. While she doesn’t join in the vow to change, she has a few secrets that she must work out.

The problem that I had with the writing is that a lot of the scenes felt rushed and incomplete. For example, in one part Leigh is meeting with an author whose book she is editing. He tells her to come back to speak with after she has read the whole manuscript. The scene stops there and the next one starts with her back in NY relaying the episode to her friends. It seemed like there could have been more interaction with her and the author. This happened a few times, like Weisberger was hurrying to get the girls to the end of the year and have everything resolved. I fault her editor.

It’s okay, but get it from the library or wait for it to come in paperback. Or maybe the inevitable movie.

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