Pre-Vacation Reading

I was on vacation this week, but only read magazines. Most of these were read last week during an emotional funk, and you know when that happens its nothing but romance books!

The first four books completed the 2 series that I started in this post on my last vacation.
36. This Time For Good
by Carmen Green
Part of the “Three Mrs. Fosters” series were Marc Foster marries three different women and they each find out after his untimely death. Alexandra Lord-Wright is a wealthy Atlanta socialite who may lose her place in her family’s company because of her now deceased polygamist husband. Hunter Smith is sent to escort her to Marc’s funeral but also turns out to be a good help in reclaiming her place in the business. He may be helpful in other ways as well.
37. The Perfect Man
by Carla Fredd
Renee Foster has a genius IQ but had no idea that her late husband was married to two other women. She discovers after his death that a valuable necklace is missing and he was the last person to have it. She enlists the help of Marc’s brother Chris Foster, a former FBI agent, to help her find it. Will he help her find love again? (I crack myself up!)
The next two complete the “Whitfields of New York” series. As I have said before, I really like Rochelle Alers work and this series was wonderfully written.
38. Long Time Coming
by Rochelle Alers
Tessa Whitfield is a wedding planner whose client is on jury duty. The client sends her brother, Assistant District Attorney Micah Sanborn, to a meeting with Tessa in her place. During the meeting, the city experiences a blackout forcing Micah to stay there all night. Will Tessa go back on her vow never to mix business with pleasure?
39. Taken By Storm
by Rochelle Alers
While on a morning jog, floral designer Simone Whitfield witnesses the murder of one of her neighbors, a very important judge. Because it is such a high-profile case, she is assigned a live-in bodyguard, U.S. Marshal Raphael Madison for the duration. Will something spark from living so closely together?
40. Her Lover’s Legacy
by Adrianne Byrd
This is the first book in a new series – The Braddocks: Secret Son. As you can see from the books above, these family series attempt to marry off the siblings and sometimes cousins in each book. I think the last book in this series (which will be out later this year) will unearth a secret son. In this one, Malcolm Braddock is dealing with the untimely death of his father, Senator Harmon Braddock. The two were estranged because Malcolm chose community activism over following in his father’s footsteps into politics. Everyone thinks that Malcolm should run for his father’s seat in the Senate, especially Harmon’s executive assistant, Gloria. Can she convince Malcolm to run? Or will he run away with her heart?
41. Black Lace
by Beverly Jenkins
Beverly Jenkins rocks! Some of her books are like stealth romances. They are also mysteries and I learn a lot from them as well. Lacy Green has a new job as Assistant Director of Detroit’s Environmental Protection Department. On her way back from a meeting in a snowstorm she is in an accident and is rescued by the mayor of Detroit, Drake Randolph (sometimes referred to as His Fineness). In her new position, she launches an investigation in the dumping practices of a local business owner that puts her life in jeopardy. Does “His Fineness”, step up to protect her?

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