McCall’s 5633

The Good Lord (herself a seamstress, I believe) sent me the perfect pattern to get my back on my sewing horse.

I didn’t have to make any adjustments – at 5’9″ I usually have to lengthen the legs and my hips usually are a size larger than I want to admit – just sewed it straight out of the envelope.

I made View C because I am a cargo pants fanatic and currently can’t get into any of the ones that I own.

Also, using this tan (almost green) fabric, it kind of fits in with the dress code at work.

The fit isn’t perfect. It whiskers in the front and is a little snug around the hips, but it has a touch of stretch in it and will loosen up with wear.

Sorry for the bad pictures, but at this time, I am my only photographer!

Next up is a straight skirt with the remaining twill fabric.

My goal is to add basics to my wardrobe as it is pretty pitiful. My budget doesn’t allow for any fabric purchasing so I am currently shopping from my stash. However, the fabric that I own is all over the place, stylistically! We’ll see if, by the time I am finished, any of the garments that I make actually go together!

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