45. The Yoga Teacher

by Alexandra Gray
started 8/29 finished 9/10

I felt that it took me longer to read this book than I wanted it to, because the story moved a little slow. Surprisingly, this wasn’t a bad thing because I thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Grace is a pharmaceutical scientist who switches over to sales. Who can pitch antidepressants to doctors better than the person who created it, right? But this change doesn’t give her live the kick start that she envisions and she dreams of quitting and becoming a yoga teacher. Her romantic relationship failing and a chance meeting with a doctor who has his own unfulfilled dreams spurs her to chuck it all and leave her London home to travel to California for extensive yoga teacher training.
She comes home to carve out a new life building a yoga clientele from unexpected places and maybe to new love.

This novel touched me in an unexpected way. While on the surface we have nothing in common, I really identified with Grace and her search for a more meaningful life. Those close to me know that I am constantly complaining about my life and its lack of direction. (I’m starting to get on my own nerves!) I don’t want to be a yoga teacher, but I would like to go on an extensive yoga retreat to kind of refocus my energies and my life. Also, like Grace, I long for a new career, but unlike her, I have no clue what that would be. I really need a life coach, but there aren’t too many available to people in my (really low) tax bracket.

Anyway, enough about me, this book was a well-crafted, believable story of reformation. Although it is a work of fiction, I think that readers of Eat, Pray, Love would enjoy The Yoga Teacher.

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