Retail Ranting

I don’t rant on here a lot about what happens at my job. I usually leave that up to Doret, cuz she is so good at it. Please visit her blog and read the “scenarios” of what we go through everyday and if you have children you will enjoy her book reviews.

So, those of us in the retail industry realized the economy was slipping way before it started making the news. Our sales have slipped steadily since the beginning of the year as people have less and less discretionary income. Also, returns of items started to pick up, especially those without a receipt. Lately, though, the returns are getting out of hand – it’s almost like the days after Christmas!

Now there are always people who seem to clean off their bookshelves and try to bring books back to us sometimes in large shopping bags. They think we are a library and that they can just exchange their old books for new ones. On the upside, though, they are usually serious readers who take care of their books and are therefore re-saleable. No crumbs in the pages!

This new breed, however, just bring anything in and expect us take it back. Today I get called to the register to approve a return without a receipt. When I get there the customer has left the books there and is presumably browsing the store for items she wanted to get in exchange. She brought back 9 books!

What I Wouldn’t Take Back:
3 books had yellow pages, dirt on the cover.
1 book was a hardcover book from the first year of Oprah’s BookClub – we don’t even carry it in paperback anymore.
1 book that was water damaged.

What I Did Take Back:
1 hardcover book, recently published in excellent condition
1 paperback book, recently published in excellent condition

The Wildcards:
She had a hardcover version of Bob Greene’s The Best Life Diet and it’s companion journal.
Both in excellent condition.
But, we don’t carry the hardcover anymore; we only carry it in paperback. I refused that return.
We do carry the journal as a current title.

When people return books you always have to look through the books because people try to bring back books that have been written in (test books usually like the GRE or LSAT), or that their grandfather wrote an inscription in when he gave it to them.
I open up the journal and inside was a card that read:

“Thank you for visiting the Oprah show in November. I hope you enjoy you Best Life Diet set …blah, blah, blah.” signed – Bob Greene
That heffa got those books for free!!! She had money to go to Chicago and see the Oprah Winfrey Show, but now she is cleaning off her shelves!!??!!
Sure enough, the woman comes back to the register dressed to the nines with the new things she wanted to buy. She seemed fine with the way things turned out and wound up owing us 61 cents which she took her time digging out of her Christian Dior wallet!

I did take the journal back because I was feeling charitable. Plus our policy changes next week and no more returns without a receipt…period!! HA!

4 thoughts on “Retail Ranting

  1. Is that why lately the staff to my local retail bookstore greet me with a big smile because they know that I’m actually coming to buy several books!*LOL* at the returning…I did NOT realize that they would take books back…so you mean I can save the receipt…carefully read my book and take it back! Shut my mouth! ROTFLOL!

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