57. The Accidental Santera

by Irete Lazo
started 10/14 finished 10/21
Most of the time I am excited to share books that I’ve read and loved. Sometimes, though, when reading about certain subjects, I hold back from recommending them because I don’t think that a lot of people will be open and receptive. That is certainly true with books about certain religious, cultural or political points of view. So having said that, I know that even though I loved this book I won’t be pushing it at work (especially since we can’t discuss religion or politics with our customers) and I hope that it finds its audience.
A santera is a female practitioner of the African-based spiritual belief system known as Santeria. The Accidental Santera is a novel (there are not many fictional books on African-based religions) telling the story of a scientist, Gabrielle Segovia, who suddenly finds her life changing. While attending a conference in New Orleans she is dragged by a friend into a voodoo shop. Wanting answers to some strange things happening to her, she schedules a reading expecting it to be nonsense. When Gabrielle returns home and everything told to her in the reading comes true, she starts on a whirlwind journey that tests everything she believes in.
Through the story of one woman’s initiation, this book reminds us of our over dependency on science and how sometimes that has to be suspended to open our minds to the unseen forces that move among us. If you are a student of religion and culture, you will love this tale of melding tried and true old world ways with our modern lives. Thumbs up!

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