7. Just Too Good To Be True

by E. Lynn Harris

E. Lynn Harris is a frequent customer of the bookstore where I work and I keep telling him to write slower so I can catch up. He says that he can’t, so I am making an effort to read faster!

With the exception of his memoir and some anthologies that Harris has edited, I have read every book that he has written since Invisible Life. And I can say with complete honesty that E. Lynn Harris is one of the few writers that I read regularly that get better with time. He has truly evolved technically and the storylines get more interesting and complex.

In Just Too Good To Be True, we meet Brady Bledsoe, a college football star on the verge of making it big in the NFL and his supportive, protective (overly?) single mother, Carmyn. Their story of survival and overcoming odds is almost too good to be true, especially with the secrets that they both struggle to keep. Those secrets threaten to spell out as underhanded sports agents and others seek to bring down the idyllic family.

For those of you book snobs (and I am a card carrying member) who think that this type of popular fiction is not for you, then you are missing out on a well-crafted story and a real page-turner.

3 thoughts on “7. Just Too Good To Be True

  1. ive always been a reader, but i fell in love with reading when i stumbled onto the e. lynns, e j dickeys, and zanes. for a while all i would read were urban novellas. Now ill read ANYTHING

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