10. Basketball Jones

by E. Lynn Harris

Having completed this newest release, I am now caught up with the E. Lynn Harris catalog. LOL!

Basketball Jones is another novel that incorporates Harris’ love of sports.

A.J. Richardson meets the love of his life in college and embarks on a sweet love affair for the next several years. Where does the drama come in? His lover, Dray Jones, has gone from being a closeted college hoops star to a closeted NBA star. A.J. accepts the secrets that he must keep because he & Dray are truly in love and he is very well taken care of.
But how long can that last when teammates start asking questions and Dray gets married to a woman to hold the comments at bay? Will A.J. hang on to the promise of true-love or will he start to get a life of his own through some of the new people he is meeting?

I found myself sometimes talking out loud to A.J. just like I would if he were a character in a movie! Full of drama and an ending that I didn’t see coming. Loved it!

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