Best Intentions

It has been a whole month since I’ve blogged!
Believe me that has not been my intention.
Every day I have ideas of things that I want to blog about. Crazy customers. What I’m reading. What I see out in the world.
But work has been so crazy & stressful, that I have no energy when I get home. I just want to unplug from everything.
Most people would never think that working in a bookstore is stressful but this economy has made it more so. Less people shopping mean less payroll hours. Less payroll hours mean less staff. But the workload stays the same, so you have to do twice as much work in the same amount of time that you had before. Also, customer’s expectations stay the same and for some reason (even though they read the same economic news stories that we do), they expect the same level of service they always had. And they are upset when they don’t get it.
That disconnect sends me home with a headache most days.
So anyways, still not sewing, but my reading is picking up and there are a lot of great books being released this summer!
Hope to be back on here more frequently!

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