On The Sewing Front…

Yes, I completed a garment. Yes, it was the easiest top in the world. Yes, it took me a couple months to do it – my mojo disappears as fast as it arrives. No, it doesn’t look good on me – yet. It might when I lose a few more pounds.

Vogue 8581 – Very cute. I will make the long sleeve version later on.

Even though my closet of currently wearable clothes is so empty, I had a couple of bins of items that I really loved that I couldn’t wear anymore. It’s especially hard to let go of things that I made with my very own hands, but I’ve gotten rid of some stuff. One of the dresses that was so hard to let go of was this knit dress. The knit was a cheap dollar bin fabric from Hancock’s with not much give. I lined it with tricot. I made it about 7 years ago and have never worn it, but I love it like I gave birth to it. I released it to my friend Camille, and she looks awesome in it:

It fits her perfectly and with her social life, she will get way more wear out of it than I ever will! (Excuse the wrinkles, it has been in that bin for years!)

5 thoughts on “On The Sewing Front…

  1. Woo-hoo! Let's hear it for the sewing mojo. I bought that pattern when Vogue patterns were on sale months ago. I haven't made it yet. Your top looks cute. So I might make it when I'm off for Labor Day. Thanks for sewing and sharing.

    CarlaF-in Atlanta

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