33. Nappily in Bloom

by Trisha R. Thomas

This is the fourth (I think) in the “Nappily” series featuring the adventures of natural haired Venus. Nappily in Bloom finds her finally becoming comfortable in her new home in Atlanta with her husband Jake and their daughter Mya. Although she still longs for their old life in California, Venus has now purchased a flower shop and making the best of it. Mya’s biological father, Airic is still a problem and his many infidelities are finally getting too much for his televangelist with, Trevelle Doval (who I always picture as Juan.ita By.num. I can’t help it).

The drama begins when Jake’s business partner, Legend, arrives from California dredging up the dark events that sent them to Georgia in the first place. Venus hates Legend, so she throws herself into her new project: planning the quickie wedding of Trevelle’s biological daughter Keisha.

You must have read the last book, Nappily Faithful, in order to follow all of the intertwined relationships of this one, and there are many. While the intrigue of the book definitely kept me reading well into the night (and also because I had to return the book back to work), there are a couple of things that bothered me. The ending came kind of fast. A kidnapping was wrapped up a little too quickly, and an unlikely romance appeared that made absolutely no sense to me. But Thomas is four books in and I have to believe that there are more on the horizon, so maybe some plotlines will be fleshed out later.

This is by far not my favorite in the series, but I am invested in Venus and her life now so I’m not giving it up. These books are keeping us entertained until the movie version of the first one, Nappily Ever After comes out. Waiting on you, Halle!

3 thoughts on “33. Nappily in Bloom

  1. I read Nappily Ever After a few years ago. Nappily Married and Nappily Faithful have been a my TBR list for a while. I just added Nappily In Bloom to my TBR list… after reading this post.:)

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