40. Prospect Park West

by Amy Sohn

Hmmm. Didn’t care for this one.  It may be a case of my expectations being too high.  The tag lines on the cover of the advanced promo copy that I read say, “Finally there’s sex in another part of the city…” and “You’ll never look at brownstones, babies or Bugaboos the same way again.”  Those lines are true, but the book fell flat for me.

Set in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, Prospect Park West, follows the lives of four married women during one summer.

  • Melora Leigh, an actress who fears that her career is waning and will do anything to revive it, including moving to this currently trendy neighborhood and adopting a child from a foreign country.
  • Rebecca Rose, an attractive freelance writer and stay at home mom, whose husband has stopped having sex with her now that they have the child he always wanted.  Rebecca starts to look outside the marriage for affection.
  • Lizzie O’Donnell, a “hasbian” (former lesbian) who wants yearns for companionship because her jazz musician husband is always on tour.
  • Karen Bryan Shapiro, a mom who is always concerned with the “right” things: the “right” address, the “right” school for her child, even the “right” park for her son to play in. And she will do whatever it takes to get these things.

Sounds like an interesting book right? Well it was, except for the fact that I sympathized with none of the main characters.  None of them are likable, and all were pretty annoying to me.  Also, there was a secondary story about race that ran throughout the whole book.  But it was never really tied in cohesively and it was never resolved.  The book would have read fine without it.
I can’t really recommend this book, but I want someone else to read it and let me know their take on it.

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