55. Naughty

by Rochelle Alers

Breanna Parker is a typical Hollywood wild child.  The daughter of parents in the music industry, she was sent abroad as a child to boarding school.  But that didn’t make her more disciplined.  If anything it prepared her to be the Black Paris Hilton – sex tape and all.  When she moves back to the states she launches into full sex, drugs and rock & roll party mode.  One disastrous incident after another forces Breanna to recognized the dangerous road she is on and she moves to Rome to start over with a new man and a new career.  But, as sometimes happens, her past soon catches up to her.

As you can tell from my previous post, I am a fan of Rochelle Alers’ romance books.  This one, however, is written as straight fiction and is just as enjoyable.  She is able to really flesh out all aspects of the story rather than just focusing just on a couple’s relationships. 

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