Closing Out 2009

As you can see from the lack of activity on my blog, December pretty much shuts me down!  Work is so crazy during that time that I come home exhausted from running around a two story bookstore the size of a small department store.  When I get home I just veg out and watch tv.

So here’s the last of what I read in 2009:

56. More by Austin Clarke

Austin Clarke is a Canadian author of Caribbean descent who received acclaim for his book, The Polished Hoe (which I haven’t read). In More, Clarke weaves a tale about Idora Morrision a Caribbean immigrant living in Canada who receives the news that her son BJ may be involved in gang activity. Abandoned years before by her husband who went to America to find work, Idora has had to raise BJ alone in a land foreign to her. The book takes place over the course of 5 days as Idora sort of has a breakdown and doesn’t leave her apartment. During that time she reflects on her life in Canada and the circumstances that brought her and BJ to this point. The entire book sort of takes place in her head and is written to well, that at times I questioned whether I was even smart enough to be reading this. It was beautiful, though, but the ending left me scratching my head. If you read it let me know what you think happened.

57. Autobiography of a Wardrobe: A Memoir by Elizabeth Kendall

Told in the voice of the author’s wardrobe (which really annoyed me), this book is exactly what the title promises.  Beginning with the author’s (who her wardrobe refers to as “B”) childhood in the Midwest, this book follows the wardrobe’s evolution to Harvard, New York, the Bay area and Europe. While I didn’t love this book (mainly because I didn’t care for B), what it does brilliantly is showcase B.’s insecurities & awkwardness through her clothing choices. She moved to different locations throughout her life and adjusted her clothing to her environment, rather than discovering what she really liked to wear and what clothes resonated for her. Her lack of a fashion identity directly reflects her lack of a personal & professional identity.  Quick, interesting read.

58. through 63. – Just some quick romance reads. I don’t even feel like writing a synopsis for them. They were all good, especially the Brenda Jackson ones.

Safe in His Embrace – Candice Poarch

Wrapped in Pleasure by Brenda Jackson
This is really 2 books in 1: Delany’s Desert Sheikh Seduced by a Stranger

Vote for Love by Anita Bunkley

Irresistible Forces  by Brenda Jackson

Prize of a Lifetime by Donna Hill

RSVP with Love by Sandra Kitt

So, in 2009 I read 63 books. That’s four more than in 2008. I don’t really set a goal, but reading more books is always good!

5 thoughts on “Closing Out 2009

  1. Ok 63 books in 2009 & still living life? You are cuhhrazy. But I respect yr reading commitment. And since a 300 page book takes about 6 to 12 hours to read, it makes sense what you're able to accomplish!

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